" Visited Viva Brazil on Sunday and experienced something of a Trick and Treat to say the least!!, amazing food, meats were delicious and plentiful even the salad and rice bar was to die for..could not fault, food was delicious.. service was second to none and then topped off by the most amazing Close up Magician Lee WellZY .. Wow..!! ultimate place to take your Man for something to Eat girls and impress with Mr WellZy.. will definitely be back,, Pure Magic! perfecto! " 
Nicola Howard - Liverpool

"Lee WellZy is a FANTASTIC magician. When he performed at the VIVA LAS FASHION last night I was absolutely amazed by the tricks he was performing. It was unreal!! I can't wait to see all the other tricks he has up his sleeve in the near future;) LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT !!" Lauren Austin Photography - Liverpool "Wellzy recently performed at my daughters 21st birthday party. He was outstanding and kept everyone in awe with his talent, I am still in shock that he bent my 50p coin - incredible. We all had an excellent night, great value for money and excellent entertainment, a must have for any party - I have actually booked him again for a party next month, can not wait. Thank you for a brilliant night Wellzy!!"
Michael Johnston - Liverpool

"I've been watching the career of Lee WellZy grow over the past few months via Social Media. I had the pleasure of watching Lee perform at a recent charity fashion show. One word AMAZING. Everyone was stuck for words. In addition to his obvious talent with magic he also engaged with his audience brilliantly. Fab and can't wait to see Lee perform again. Would highly recommend for any event to entertain guests with a huge WOW factor."
Louise Gillespie - Prescot

"WellZy is mind blowingly incredible, from kids to adults his magic smashes it"   Rosie - Radio City 96.7 "Visited here for my birthday 5th Jan. Service was fantastic and the food was amazing. To top the night off the resident magician Lee WellZy asked if he could show us a few tricks, free of charge. He absolutely blew us away with his card trucks and optical illusions. Topped a fantastic night off" Jennifer M - Liverpool (Viva Brazil)

"The food was all fantastic, the staff went out of their way to sort what food I could/couldn't eat due to a pepper alergy, even to the point of offering something freshly made specially without pepper. Lee Wellzy, the personal magician was brilliant and completely blew our minds with his tricks." LairdLanOfGlencairn - Liverpool (Viva Brazil)

"I spent a Sunday evening at this restaurant with my mother. The food was excellent, good quality and delicious (with a wide range to suit all). Also, the service was quick, warm and friendly, with a very personal feel. The entertainment was superb; with an absolutely fantastic magician and wonderful music. I thoroughly recommend Viva Brazil to anyone (couples or families) and I will definitely be returning again!"
Julia T - Liverpool (Viva Brazil)

"What an experience. Our first time in liverpool meeting family. Atmosphere was excellent, food was fantastic. Cocktails 10/10 my new favourite 'pornstar martini' ;-) delicious My type of restaurant fun, lively and delicious. 15 meats were a lot, more then we can handle. Certainly for the fuller appetite - shame you couldn't choose different set prices as we as a 4 must face only tried 8 meats and was uncomfortable full so still paid same price as everyone else. What really set the night was the magician #leewellZy I'm very sceptical when it comes to magic but I was blown away was very smooth and convincing. Was great fun and if I lived closer I would certainly book him. Keep up good work x"
Chalie Melleney - Milton Keynes (Viva Brazil)

"The meal was certainly the highlight of the night but an extremely close second was entertainment of the evening a magician by the name of Lee WellZy. Having spent many nights out in London I have had the experience of dining and then being either interrupted or apprehended by signers or illusionists but Lee was something else. He was polite, funny, fast passed and baffling. He had us all on edge and confunded each of us…. We scratched our heads more times than I remember and we begged him to come back and do more. Eventually he returned after 30mins and once more blew us away with some stunning feats of magic….Great work."
David D - Milton Keynes (Viva Brazil)